New Summer, New Start

Hello everyone! Today is June 2, which to me means the start of summer! Now I know that summer doesn’t really start until June 20 but that seems so late! Like summer is half way over by then. So, this is my ‘official’ start of summer.

I feel like with every season change, there is this idea of a new leaf. People try new things with the start of every season. Or they change up their life a little bit. This past spring, I cleaned out my closet and started a new style. I went from a girly/laid back/ causal style to a girly/preppy look. And to be honest the girly/preppy look is way more me.

This summer I am adding some things to my daily routine that I want to become habits. For example, every morning I want to spend some time doing yoga. I know it sounds crazy. But I have some help. I downloaded two apps. One called Productive and the other called Daily Yoga.

The Productive app helps me keep track of things that I want to become habits. I can make a list of them and set it to when I want to do each item (morning, afternoon, evening, or any time of day). The app then keeps track of the days that I actually did each item. This app really helps me stay on track. I am currently using it not only for the yoga but also for a weekly Bible reading.


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The next app is Daily Yoga. I am loving this app. There are so many different programs that you can download that then have a yoga session for each day. For example, right now I am doing the program called ’12-Day Beginner Tour’. This program is set for 12 days or 12 sessions each one lasting 10 minutes, which is perfect for the morning. I am loving how relaxing I feel and the how all the different poses really stretch out my body. This is a great way to start your day.


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What new things to you want to add to your day this summer? Comment below! Let’s help each other reach our goals.

Lastly, I was going through Pinterest the other day and saw this great post about a list of things to accomplish in June! It is a list of 18 things to do in June. The list is called June Life List and is by Paper&Glam you can find it here. Now here is the best part. When you open the link, it looks like you have to buy it. But it literally cost ZERO DOLLARS! I am not kidding. Just put it in your cart and fill out a billing address. You don’t even have to put in any credit card info. The list is a automatic download. I looked around the website and it has one for May which is also free!! (Don’t you just love free stuff?) I am planning on printing this out and putting it in my planner, I want to do everything on this list!


From Nebraska to You,

♥  Janette



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