4th of July

HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA!! As I sit here to write this short and sweet message there are fireworks going off all around me. As most of the nation knows, fireworks don’t only go off on the 4th of July…they go off starting June 27. Or at least here in Omaha they do.

The 4th of July is a special day. Not only do we celebrate our freedom but it is a day of power. To me, the 4th of July is a way to show the world that “Hey you may have knocked us down, but we will stand up and fight back.” Our nations history is full of knock downs and come backs. Thats how America was started, Great Britain forced more of their control on the colonist and they fought back. The War of 1812, Great Britain burnt down the White House but America fought back at the battle of New Orleans. Spanish-American War is another example. And then you get to the World Wars, where it seems like the whole world wanted to bring us down but with the help of some fellow nations we fought back and won. We continually get knocked down, but we always come back up stronger and ready to go.

That story reminds me of Captain America before he was a superhero; back when he was just Steve Rogers. Its in the beginning of the movie where you have the skinny Steve get all beaten up. The bully says to him “You just don’t know when to give up, do you?” and Steve replies with “I can do this all day.” (you can see the video of this scene here) Steve is America, America can take punch after punch and still get back up. She is a powerful woman, a scary force.

So this 4th of July, remember we will get back up. We will get back up from Orlando. We will get back up from anything that comes our way. It might take us a while, and we may make a few mistakes along the way. But in the end, our flag will fly high, our people will be free, and eagle will continue to sore. Because there is no nation, no people group, no person who can take the United States of America down.


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