DYI Desk Upgrade

Hello guys! So I got an apartment for the school year and have been collecting furniture to put in it. My mother gave me this old wooden desk that she had. It needed lots of love and care guys. So I decided to give it a new paint job. I’ll walk you through the colors I used and the steps. FYI this whole project costed me less then $10!!!

Step 1: First I decided to sand off the old paint and primer because it had been on there since the Regan era. And there where some scratches on the top of the desk that needed to be sanded down. (I forgot to take a picture showing it all sanded sorry)

Step 2: After I sanded it, I gave it a new coat of wood primer. (Again forgot to take a picture with the primer sorry)

Step 3: Next I painted it Ultimate White (I already had this color). I used a roller so I wouldn’t leave and brush marks and did two coats.

Step 4: Next I got a stencil of this really cool pattern from Walmart ($5.00) and lined it up on the edge of the top of the desk. The color I choose to paint the top was New Black (I got a sample size so it only costed me $3). After I finished the section I would wait for that section to dry, clean off the stencil and then move on.


Here is the stencil lined up with the edge


Section one done! I love how cool this looks!

Step 6: Once I got all the way done with the stencil, I let it dry completely. Then I touched up some areas. Once that dried I did a light coat of Mod Podge over the whole top. I wanted to use the Mod Podge because not only would it seal the design but it would also protect it from any dents.

Here is the final look! I am so happy with how it turned out! Stay tune for more DYI’s. Next project is photo coasters.




From Nebraska To You,

♥ Janette


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