Recruitment, the Whats? Ifs? and Hows?

Hello friends!

As the school year is starting to approach (I know right?). The stores have put the college stuff in front and all the other stuff in the back…thanks Target. Some of you might be heading back to college or starting college and with that comes the age old question…Are you going to rush?

Now, here are some few things you need to know. First, some schools don’t call it rushing they call it recruitment. And second not every sorority out there has a supper serious recruitment. There are sororities out there are not affiliated with Panhellenic Council (Pan–panehll what? Hang on).

But if the traditional sorority route is the way you want to go, then keep reading!

The Language: 

  • Panhellenic Council= is like the European Union for sororities. It includes 26 different sororities. Its kind of a governing body over the sororities.
  • Recruitment= days where girls can get to know the different houses that are on their campus. As the week or weekend continues the girls and houses pick which ones they want to keep and which ones they want to let go
  • Potential New Member= anyone who is not in a sorority, including those who are not going through recruitment
  • Philanthropy= an organization or charity that the sorority supports either by donating money or participating in events.
  • Active= anyone who is in a sorority
  • Gamma Chi= the group and leader that you are going through recruitment with.

To help you in your experience, I thought I would share my own. I am a member of Alpha Delta Pi- Theta Alpha Chapter at Northwest Missouri State University. I did not start at Northwest wanting to go Greek. Literally like two days before, something inside me told me to go to the sorority showcase where each house would share a video introducing themselves. Though that I was placed in a Gamma Chi group. I had no idea what I was doing. I didn’t know what I signed up for. I went straight back to my dorm and was like “Janette! What did you do?!?!” But I went along with it, because what was the worse that could happen, I didn’t get in. Okay great! I didn’t care!

I am so happy I went with it! It was a weird experience but I love my sisters. I also learned some Do’s and Don’t’s


  • Make eye contact
  • Smile
  • Sit up straight
  • Talk about any type of leadership you did in high school. Even if it was small like church group or band section leader
  • Talk about your goals
  • Who inspires you
  • Your family
  • If you worked during the summer


  • Talk about boys
  • Talk about parties
  • Talk about religion
  • Wear combat boots and a trench coat and sit with your legs spread out (yes a girl really did come like this)
  • Don’t be a fake…they can tell

When it comes to clothes, where something that makes you feel girly and comfortable. This may not be the time to wear those 6″ high heels…stick to a 3″ or 4″ heel. Dresses are awesome! Some school’s have different themes for each day. For example, on the first day we wore shirts that Panhellenic gave us. On the second day we wore something that showed who you are (I wore a Cinderella shirt cuz she is my home girl). On the third day you wore a dress that you would go to a wedding in. Your Gamma Chi leaders will also be able to help you.

Hair and makeup should be clean and to a 10. Hair should be washed and dried and styled. Makeup should look natural and bring out your best features. But remember to be you! Because if you are you then there is a house out there that will love your for it, and will give you a bid.

Thank you so much for reading, sorry this is so long! And I hope that if you do decide to do recruitment, that it leads you to your home away for home!

From Nebraska To You,

♥ Janette


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