Back To School Essentials

Its that time of year again! I feel like everyone and their dog is doing some sort of Back To School Essentials list or video. I know it might seem like this post is a tad late in the season, but at my university we don’t start school till tomorrow!

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 2.49.30 PM

  1. I love to use binders to store all of my notes, papers and other documents for each class. This year I found this great blog post on how to make your binders supper cute! I plan on using it!
  2. A water bottle. As humans we are supposed to drink 64oz of water a day. So to help you achieve that goal, everyone needs a water bottle. I love this one from Lilly Pulitzer. Speaking of Lilly, did any of you attend the After Party Sale this past week? Comment below what you where able to get! I got a dress, skirt and top coming; I’ll do a post on that sale later.
  3. A planner!! Every person on this planet needs one of these! I use mine to keep track of my school work, work schedule, sorority life, To Do’s, and any events that may come up. I love this planner from Erin Condren. I even did a post on how I use it to plan out my week, it was during the summer but I can do one again on how I use if for the school year if you guys want.
  4. A bag! So this style of bag is known as a Longchamp. It is supper cute. I have kind of like it, to be honest its a knock off. I got it off an Etsy shop and was able to get my monogram put on it! I love this bag. I used it this past summer for the summer classes. I plan on using it this fall for the days when I don’t have a ton of classes or need to go to the library or even any sorority stuff.
  5. Ridding boots!! These boots are perfect for fall. You can pair them with jeans, or leggings. Sweaters and spirit jersey’s look perfect with these. They are great for when the weather is cold but it’s not snowing yet.
  6. Last thing is this vest. Or any vest for that matter. Many people go for the ones from JCrew, but you can find vests at Target or any department store. I love the color navy because it is almost like a neutral but it adds some color. Buying a navy vest is defiantly on my fall shopping list this year.  There are so many cute vest-outfits on Pinterest. These things work with everything in your closet!

Well there you go! Those are a few of my Back To School Must Haves. Again I want to say that I am sorry for last week’s post being so negative (things have gotten better). I hope everyone has a great school year!!

From Nebraska To You,

♥ Janette



Apartment Living….the 1st week

Hello again!

This post is about how my 1st week in my very 1st apartment has gone. Lots of first over here. I moved in on a Monday while my roommate moved in on Saturday. I am just going to say it right now…living on your own is lonely. So lonely. I miss my parents so much. Being in an apartment without a roommate SUCKS! The walls are so bare! I didn’t want to put anything up on the walls in the living room and kitchen until my roommate shows up.

My bedroom is covered in boxes. I am sorting through stuff while listening to music or watching Netflix. Speaking of Netflix there is no wifi in my apartment yet. So I am watching Grey’s Anatomy on my phone…its a small screen. When I get bored with Greys I watch Sex and the City, I own all the seasons on DVD so I don’t need wifi for that. To write this blog post I went to my universities library.

Cooking. Cooking for one is weird. Plus nothing makes you feel even more lonely than sitting there eating by your self staring at a wall. I know that makes me sound like a loser but school here doesn’t start until the end of August so there is no one in town. Now you may ask yourself “Why are you at school if school doesn’t start till the end of August?” Well, I am working down here. I work for the university and I started work this past week.

Going to bed with no one is scary. I live on the first floor in my building and I have a patio…so the safety thing is kind of creepy. But laying in bed hearing no voices, no goodnights…that is no fun. I’m not going to lie people, I have cried myself to sleep a couple of times.

This post sounds really negative. Living in an apartment can be fun when your with people. I promise I will write a more positive apartment post in the near future. I’ll even post some pictures of my apartment, maybe even a video giving a tour then. But right now this is how I feel…lonely.

From Nebraska to You,

♥ Janette


Lake McConaughy

Hello everyone!!

Last week was my last week in Nebraska..I know very sad! So to end the summer on a happy note my family took a weekend trip to Lake McConaughy. For those of you who don’t know, Lake McConaughy is out in west Nebraska.


The lake is huge! Our room had a beautiful view of the lake. While there my family went paddle boarding for the first time. I was scared to stand up on the board at first because I am terrified of heights but after a while I was able to get up on the board and paddle around the lake. Latter that day we rented a tritoon boat. That was so much fun! My brother and I both went tubbing on it. I am proud to say that at the end of the weekend, I did not fall into the water!

Lake McConaughy is truly a beauty to be seen. The lake is 22 miles long and 4 miles wide with 100 miles of shoreline. The sand is so soft!! At different parts of the lake you can even find white sand. This lake is not like other lakes in Nebraska. Most lakes in the Husker state have a rocky-sand beach and the floor of the lake is covered in rocks making it painful to walk on. Not this lake. The beaches here are covered in a soft white sand, with the bottom of Big Mac (that’s another name for Lake McConaughy) just plain sand…no rocks!

Take a look at these pictures that I took, isn’t the view breathtaking?  I so badly wish I could be back there today.



This picture belongs on a postcard 🙂

I hope your summer ends on a good note!

From Nebraska to You,

♥ Janette

10 Things No One Knows About Me

I feel like I haven’t been open with all of you. I have decided to share 10 things that no one knows about me with all of you, which sounds kind of scary. But I think that I can trust all of you. So with out further to do…

10 Things No One Knows About Me:

  1. I am related to Shirley Temple
  2. I would love to live in Tennessee after college and teach high school history there
  3. I do not like Star Wars or Star Trek…(please don’t hate me lol that is one of my darkest secrets people freak out when I tell them that)
  4. I have really short pinkies, like my pinkie finger is really short compared to my other fingers. Its the same on both hands. The fingers stop at the knuckle that is closest to my palm on my ring finger. (If that makes sense..I’ll post a pic of it). The first pic, yes my pinkie sticks out when I make a fist and yes it looks like I have a knuckle missing (I don’t it’s just further back then the rest)

  5.    I love to sing and am always singing when I have the house to myself, I think I have a good voice but I have stage freight so that part sucks.
  6. I am not organized at all. Like I love to have a clean room and my planner filled out but let’s be real: my room is a mess. My planned did not get filled in for the past two/three weeks (ouch). From the outside it looks like I have this all figured out but really I have no clue how to do anything
  7. People say that I am intimidating and a perfectionist but in reality I just like to look nice for school and events. Half the time I don’t care what I do or who I am with. But people will put me in this box based on how I dress and its not at all who I am.
  8. I don’t think Im pretty. Like in order for me to see that I am pretty, I need a full face of makeup on and my hair done. Without all of that I don’t see a pretty girl.
  9. In middle school I always thought that no guy would ever talk to me, because I thought I was that ugly. But now at the age of 20 guys talk to me a lot, and its a crazy feeling to think back to that 12 year old girl who thought no guy would ever say hello to her. And now today that isn’t the case. Just yesterday I was out to eat and the waiter was stumbling over his words and had a hard time looking at me in the eye.
  10. With everyone around me either dating someone or engaged or having babies it makes me feel bad that I am not on that same level. Like I don’t have a boyfriend right now. I feel behind everyone else. And I know that it is okay not to find the one right now (thanks to all the romantic movies that show single 29/30 somethings girls finding true love at last) but I feel out of place. Like where is my guy? Where is my Prince Charming?IMG_3428

Wow! I feel like towards the end there we got really deep! Anyway I am glad it is all out there. If any of you feel the same way leave a comment!

From Nebraska to You,

♥ Janette