Apartment Living….the 1st week

Hello again!

This post is about how my 1st week in my very 1st apartment has gone. Lots of first over here. I moved in on a Monday while my roommate moved in on Saturday. I am just going to say it right now…living on your own is lonely. So lonely. I miss my parents so much. Being in an apartment without a roommate SUCKS! The walls are so bare! I didn’t want to put anything up on the walls in the living room and kitchen until my roommate shows up.

My bedroom is covered in boxes. I am sorting through stuff while listening to music or watching Netflix. Speaking of Netflix there is no wifi in my apartment yet. So I am watching Grey’s Anatomy on my phone…its a small screen. When I get bored with Greys I watch Sex and the City, I own all the seasons on DVD so I don’t need wifi for that. To write this blog post I went to my universities library.

Cooking. Cooking for one is weird. Plus nothing makes you feel even more lonely than sitting there eating by your self staring at a wall. I know that makes me sound like a loser but school here doesn’t start until the end of August so there is no one in town. Now you may ask yourself “Why are you at school if school doesn’t start till the end of August?” Well, I am working down here. I work for the university and I started work this past week.

Going to bed with no one is scary. I live on the first floor in my building and I have a patio…so the safety thing is kind of creepy. But laying in bed hearing no voices, no goodnights…that is no fun. I’m not going to lie people, I have cried myself to sleep a couple of times.

This post sounds really negative. Living in an apartment can be fun when your with people. I promise I will write a more positive apartment post in the near future. I’ll even post some pictures of my apartment, maybe even a video giving a tour then. But right now this is how I feel…lonely.

From Nebraska to You,

♥ Janette



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