Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale!!

Hello Friends!!

So as you might have heard, August 22 and 23 was the Lilly Pulitzer After Party Sale! I thought that I would share my experience with all of you.

Now I had heard of this sale at the beginning of the summer was waiting all summer for it to happen. I had made my account and everything. However, I had no idea when the sale would actually happen. It wasn’t until that Monday morning as I was scrolling through Instagram, that I saw the post of the sale. I went straight to the website and got in the virtual line to see the items that where up for grabs.

I had came into this with an idea of what I wanted, to prevent me from going shopping crazy. I wanted a white shift dress; that was goal one. After looking at the white dresses that were on sale I finally picked one. I picked the Sofia Lace Shift Dress. This item was originally over $200 but I scored it for only $59!!!  Added bonus NO SHIPPING COST! So I saved over $141!! Unbelievable!


I bought this dress in a size 4 and it fits great! It is a tad big but not too big, I have a small waist. However the style of the dress is a shift dress so they are supposed to look loose

The next day (so this is the 23) I went back online to see what else was there. I knew I needed a new pattern skirt so I looked at those first. After looking around I picked this Levy Fit & Flare Skater Skirt in the color Kir Royal Pink Ooh La La. This skirt was originally $88 but I scored it for only $29!! That is a difference of $59!

The last thing I got was this super cute Amelia Island Tunic in the color Poolside Beach Walk. I love how this top is so bright, it will look perfect with white or dark wash jeans. The top was originally $88, I got it for $34! That is a difference of $54!


I got this top in a size Small. It is a little bit loose on me (just like it looks loose on the model) but I think with skinny jeans it will look great!


I got this skirt in a size 4. It fits me well, sits right above my hip bones


I knew that after placing my order my items wouldn’t come for another three weeks. However the next week (which was last week August 28-3) all three items where shipped and delivered! Thank you Lilly for such a quick delivery process!

All together my experience with the After Party Sale was amazing! I spent a total of $122 and saved over $376! If you missed the sale this time around don’t worry, it will come back this winter!

From Nebraska to You,

♥ Janette